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Important info for Consignors

Prepare your items for consignment!

Accepted items are designer name clothing that is current in style. We also accept jewelry, purses, shoes and accessories. We will accept off brand or no brand items that are eye catching and current in style.

All items must be clean, pressed and in excellent condition. They must be brought in on hangers. We will be happy to provide hangers if needed. Items are not accepted in bags. Boxes or bins are acceptable for jeans, shorts, shoes, etc and must be neatly folded. The better your items look the sooner we can get them out for sale. Do not remove any ‘new’ tags; they make the items more valuable for resale. Shoes and purses must be dusted and cleaned out. Shoes may be carpet worn but not street trodden. Items will be donated to charity if they are found to be unacceptable to Geneva Upscale.

Reasons for Rejection:

  • Stains, Torn, Fraying, Armpits (yellowing or deodorant), Out of date,
  • Worn out, Wrinkled, Sun damaged, Pet hair,
  • Missing pieces (buttons, clips, broken zippers)
  • Odors (cigarette, mold, mothball), Dirty, Yellow collars

REMEMBER - The better your item looks the more money it will bring in!

Bringing your items to the shop

There are three ways to approach the drop off:

1. Drop & Run

Drop your items off, you may leave and we can review your items at our leisure and we will donate any unacceptable items to charity. Drop and run does not work if you want your items returned to you.

2. By Appointment

Call ahead to set up an appointment, your items will be reviewed and you may leave with any unacceptable items at that time. Depending on the amount of items you have, this generally takes no more than 15 minutes. Please understand that customers come first so there could possibly be an unforeseen wait. It is advisable to call ahead to make sure we are accepting items, we may ask you to wait a few days before bringing your items in.

3. Casual

Once you are an established consignor, if you have just a few items you may stop by at any time. Please understand that there are peak periods for consignments and we may not always be accepting items.

Its All about timing

  • February-April : Accepting Spring Clothing
  • May-July : Accepting Summer Clothing
  • August : Accepting Fall Clothing (No heavy coats)
  • Sept-November : Accepting All Winter including heavy coats
  • December-January : Accepting Spring light weight coats
  • Furs will be accepted any season.

What Happens Next?

Geneva Upscale sets the price and once the item sells you will receive:

CLOTHING: Consignor will recieve 40% of the final pre-tax price of items, This includes shoes & accessories

FURS: Item(s) will be held in Geneva Upscale Consignment & Furs LLC for an undetermined period of time. If the item is sold for $0 to $200, consignor will recieve 50% of the final pre-tax price for that item. If the item is sold for $201 to $500, consignor will recieve 55%. If the item sells for $500 and over the consignor will recieve 65% of the pre-tax price for that item. If the item(s) sell on eBay, the online fees incurred will be split evenly between Geneva Upscale Consignment & Furs and the consignor.

Consignor is responsible to check in on balance, sold and unsold item(s). If the consignor has designated themselves as a NON-donator, at the end of the season the unsold item(s) must be retrieved by said consignor on or before the agreed upon date(s).

WINTER--2/15, SPRING--6/15, SUMMER--8/15, FALL--11/15 (These dates are the last day for pickup).

Our Pledge

Geneva Upscale pledges to TOTAL honesty to sell your items to the best of our ability. Our goal is to satisfy our customers, buyers and sellers alike. In order to do this, we must be selective, price fair and move the merchandise quickly. Please trust our judgment if we cannot use your items in our store.

  • Geneva Upscale Consignment & Furs LLC
  • 253 Center Street Suite 600
  • Lake Geneva, Wi 53147
  • Ed & Renee Schulz-Owners - 262-248-3777
  • Hours:
  • Monday-Saturday 10:00-5:00
  • Sunday 11:00-4:00
  • Sales@lakegenevafurs.com
  • www.lakegenevafurs.com

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